Daniel Suh

ap_oct2016Andrew Park (PI)

Andrew is an associate professor who develops theory to explain and predict population and evolutionary biology of host-parasite interactions (CV)

Annakate Schatz

I am broadly interested in spatial modeling, model evaluation, and species’ range dynamics. For my master’s research, I am investigating how hosts’ parasite communities change between native and non-native ranges, across terrestrial mammals.

odeaEamon O’Dea

I am a postdoctoral associate who works jointly with John Drake and Andrew on exploiting critical slowing down to provide early warning on the emergence of infectious diseases.

David Vasquez

I am a PhD student in Ecology and a trainee in the IDEAS program researching how ecological and environmental conditions can affect the fitness and geographic range of parasites. Website

John Vinson

I am a PhD candidate interested in the relationship between host diversity and parasite transmission. Website



Daniel Suh

I am a PhD student in Ecology and a trainee in the IDEAS program

Grant Foster

I am an Ecology/Biology major and honors student. In the lab, my primary research focus is on understanding the specificity of complex life cycle parasites.

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