Andrew Park (PI)
Andrew is a professor who develops theory to explain and predict population and evolutionary biology of host-parasite interactions (CV)

Annakate Schatz
Annakate is broadly interested in spatial modeling, model evaluation, and species’ range dynamics. For her PhD research, she is investigating how hosts’ parasite communities change between native and non-native ranges, across terrestrial mammals.  

Daniel Suh
Daniels is a PhD student in the IDEAS training program. He is interested in how abiotic and biotic factors interact to influence parasite transmission dynamics.

TJ Odom
TJ is a PhD student and IDEAS trainee interested in how climate change may affect host-parasite interactions. He studies this by researching the impacts of climate tracking host species, especially salamanders, on the interactions with their parasites
Carlos Molinero
Carlos is a Ph.D. student in the Ecology program and his main scientific interests are focused on the recent link established between macroecology and disease ecology. Specifically, he is studying the effects of different ecological traits in parasite sharing across bird species and the practical application in the field of conservation and in forecasting future zoonoses globally.
Finn Walsh
Finn is an undergraduate student majoring in Genetics and Spanish. She’s currently working on a project investigating the impact of a marine vs. terrestrial environment on parasite transmission.

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