What’s going on in our lab?


This lab is fascinated by everything that parasites do – and we blend ecology, evolution, data analysis and modeling to try and work out exactly what that is. Our current interests are in:

  • Understanding the relationship between biodiversity and parasite fitness (including clarifying theory on the dilution effect)
  • Characterizing parasite generalism, host-species jumping and host-parasite ‘missing links’ using macroecology techniques (RCN: Macroecology of Infectious Disease)
  • Establishing the different ways in which vector diversity impacts vector-borne diseases
  • Exploring the consequences of refugia on the emergence of drug resistance
  • Determining the potential for early warning signals in time series of infectious diseases, with a focus on childhood infections (AERO)

Odum School of Ecology & Dept. Infectious Diseases, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Georgia, Athens, USA